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Fire Pager & Paging Solutions

Fire Departments are one of the largest groups of users of pagers and are the largest group of users of the PDT2000 Paging Data Terminal which is particularly suited to Fire Department operations as an in-vehicle paging receiver or dispatch centre desktop pager.

Additionally Fire Departments are also significant users of the PDR2000 Paging Data Receiver which as a fire station pager provides a significant number of input and output functions for things such as siren activation, light switching, door opening and message printing as well as message verification by "closing the loop" on the one way paging system.

WiPath has alsodeveloped a number of specialised mobile data and paging solutions for use by Fire Brigades and Fire Services, including:

Infill Paging

Appliance Dispatch Using two way mobile data terminals and one way paging data terminals.

Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) using GPS

LogPage message logging software

TNPP via Satellite for infill

Closing the loop on paging

VACS - Volunteer Availability Communications System


Station Pagers

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